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Clique Technologies Inc. is dedicated to providing outstanding professional technical consulting services.  We have professionals with a wide variety of IT skills and industry backgrounds who are available for short-term assignments, long-term projects or full-time placements. And our sales team knows the importance of understanding fully a client's technical requirements and providing the right candidate for the position - the first time, every time. That means you can spend less time filling positions and more time fulfilling your company's mission critical needs.

Empower your hiring managers and let us provide pre-screened and pre-qualified prospects for your next job opening. We will ensure that you see only qualified, technically proven candidates that meet all of your requirements. Our Professional Services Group will present candidates to your organization only after passing our strict employee recruitment process. Our in-house technical staff pre-interviews each candidate, ensuring the candidate has a strong working knowledge of your technical skill requirements.  By using our sophisticated and finely tuned requirement-to-resource matching procedure, we provide our clients with IT professionals who match their needs in the most cost-effective way.

Today's competitive world along with the tremendous productivity gains dictate that companies must integrate and deploy technology and solutions across the boundaries of their enterprise globally. Continued competition from globalization is compelling companies to cut operating costs and driving them to operate enterprise with smart solutions. Clique Technologies can turn this challenge into an opportunity.

Using contractors for short-term projects benefits your organization in many ways. Using a skilled contractor saves time and money by minimizing cost training, overhead, employer liability and time-consuming searches and background checks. Clique Technologies services is an option when your company needs that special skill.

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